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New Merino Shipment arrived July 24, 2014 at Wool2Dye4

These yarns arrived today and will be posted on the website today.  The only one which was out of stock was Silk Sock 50/50, and we have very little of this yarn to last more than a couple of weeks.  If you plan to use this yarn for fall sales, please watch the inventory levels so that you do not miss it.  We apologize for the shortage of this yarn.

(All yarns arrived in 100gram skein presentation unless otherwise noted

Angel Delight Fingering
Cash Sock MCN
Crazy 8
Diamond Sock 150 gr
Donegal Sock
MCN HT (High Twist)
MCN HT 150 gr (High Twist)
Merino Traditional Aran
Platinum Sock, skeins & cones
Sheila’s Glitter
Sheila’s Gold
Sheila’s Sock, skeins & cones
Sheila’s Sparkle
Single Sock HT (High Twist)
Sparkle DK
Ultra Merino 3Ply
W2D4 Merino DK-SW, skeins & cones
W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW

Sock Blanks are expected in August and again in September.

Please develop the habit of checking the NewsFeed weekly.  This is the best source of information about incoming shipments.

British Bluefaced Leicester arrival at Wool2Dye4


Just Arrived:  March 12, 2014 & Inventory is now posted on the website

Re – Stock mid-March …

BFL Sport -SW
BFL High Twist
BFL Platinum


BRB Gold, a little more to add to the stock of this new chunky merino
A Fine Marl … NEW! blend of a light Grey Alpaca with Merino (50/50 blend) into a marled yarn


There are two pieces of news in this short announcement.

BFL Yarns will be stocked differently at our Wool2Dye4 warehouse in the future.  We are moving away from the short stock we have typically carried of the British yarns, and instead are receiving shipments directly from the mill.  This will mean an improved position in our stock levels, but there may be times when we will have to wait for several BFL yarns to be spun at once.  This is because the British Bluefaced Leicester fibers are bought in smaller quantities than our merino line base, and our U.K. supplier must stockpile enough of it to warrant a major spin.

All BFL yarns are not yet coming from the U.K. and we will continue to receive small shipments of some of them as we work towards having all our British BFL shipped to us directly from the mill.  The inventory posted on the website for the BFL yarns will reflect actual stock.  If we are out of one that you need, do let us know.  It will, in all probability, be on the list of yarns we bring in from the U.K. on a weekly basis.  This will work itself out eventually, and soon all our BFL’s will be stocked quarterly from the mill.

New Yarns!

BRB Gold is the new super chunky merino single (in superwash) here at Wool2Dye4.  The blend is that of Sheila’s Gold, 80/20 SW Merino/Nylon.  Fantastic chunky yarn.  Be sure to give it a long bath in the dye.  I made the mistake of using my Quick & Dirty method I use for dyeing up the samples we wrap around the butterflies, and the color did not penetrate that big, fat yarn!  So, do not do as I do!

Fat and woolly addition to our line of singles

BRB Gold – Super Chunky Single!
80% superwash merino with Nylon

A Fine Marl is absolutely new and an exciting yarn, a departure from the Wool2Dye4 totally white format.  This is a marled yarn, which means that one yarn is wrapped around the other.  In this case, there is a light grey alpaca and a merino twisted together.  When dyed, there will be visual texture, a bit of color variation affected by both the difference in the alpaca fiber itself, and then by the grey coloration of the alpaca.  Cannot wait to see as many samples of dyeing this one as possible!