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Wool2Dye4 Merino based restocking this week

The good news is that we expect delivery of our February inventory shipment tomorrow, Feb 12th; however, there is a snowstorm forecast for the afternoon and all depends on the last leg of the journey by truck.  Do they, or do they not want to come over the mountain on a snowy afternoon?  Today, I cannot answer the question, but will say that we are very close to receiving the shipment.  I have posted the contents of the shipment online, so when you look at the inventory figures there you will see numbers which include the incoming shipment.

This means that if the shipment is delayed, and you order anything which has recently been either out of stock or very low in stock, there could be a delay in our shipping date to you.  We have to add in the possible effects of the big storm heading to Central Virginia tomorrow afternoon.  If the forecast is correct, we may very well not be working on Thursday!  So, be prepared, especially if you are ordering anything from the list below.

Here is a list of what is returning to stock.
There is lots more in the shipment, of course, but these yarns have been the primary concern:

Crazy 8 skeins & cones
Diamond Fingering 150gr skeins
Donegal Sock
Platinum Sock
Sheila’s Glitter
Single & Stunning
Single Sock HT
Sparkle DK
W2D4 Merino DK-SW, skeins & cones

Now … more good news!

In two weeks, we’ll receive another shipment to bolster the numbers of some of the best sellers.

Here is what will arrive in Two Weeks, around Feb 22nd to 25th:

W2D4 Merino DK-SW
Silk Merino NSW (non-sw version of Silk Sock 50/50)
Sheila’s Sparkle
Sheila’s Glitter (more!)
Euro 500
Donegal Sock (more!)
Cash Sock MCN
Diamond Fingering 150gr (more!)
Sheila’s Sock (more! actually, lots more!)
Angel Delight Fingering (yes, it has returned)

This will bring us back to a good standing in most yarns.

Private Orders:  A quick word about private orders.  Please do not ask us to hold aside yarn which is in stock for a private order.  You are free to order anything off the website which is in stock, and ask us only to create a private order for yarns which are out of stock and listed on the incoming inventory announcements.

That’s it!  Browse the website and revel in all those delicious, yummy yarns to dye for!

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