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Wholesale Call for Estimates

Call for Estimates:  3rd quarter ’13

Qualified responses due by April 25, 2013 

Attention wholesale customers:

It is time to prepare your estimates for the fall months. With your help, Wool2Dye4 can hold enough stock to cover wholesale orders plus general website sales.  Please do not rely on website stock for needs above ten kilos of any one yarn.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Submit your estimate of yarn needs by April 25, 2013 to Use “Call for Estimates 3rd quarter” as subject line.
  • Include only yarns which you expect to purchase in excess of ten kilos. This is per yarn, not for your total estimate.
  • Remember that this estimate is your best attempt at planning yarn needs for July, August and September, or to stockpile for the fall and winter months. Plan ahead, especially if you already have events on your schedule.
  • If you find that you will not be able to purchase all the yarns on your estimate, please let us know. Send an eMail so that we can plan, too.

New wholesale customers may have some difficulty in estimating accurately, but I assure you that as you continue to forecast sales, inventory purchases, marketing, etc., into the future, it will become easier.

Please send your estimate in list form for the third quarter of 2013 only.

Special Promotion:  50% Silk/50% Merino, sock weight

We have fallen across another special purchase of a very special yarn. This one is the non-superwash version of our Silk Sock 50/50. It was ordered for one of our supplier’s top handdyers; however, it was sent to us instead. The cost of shipping is too high to send it on to England, and we have been authorized to sell it to our customers. So, think about changing up a fall offering to your customer base, or at a fiber booth, or with your own yarn shop customer, or even for a KAL club featuring one of your patterns.

The price is discounted $10 per kilo off the regular price of our Silk Sock. Remember, this is a high quality yarn, not a second.

Once the stock of about 200 kilos is exhausted, we will not present this special promotion again. If you have a new pattern calling for a non-superwash yarn, perhaps in lace, this might be the perfect yarn for that special promotion for your company. If you are going to the fall fiber festivals, knit up a sample of a simple shawl in a striking color, and hang it above a basket full of handdyed yarn in that color.

Remember that samples sell yarn. Lots of possibilities for incorporating a non-superwash with silk, a lovely combination of fibers which compliment each other.

Available now for sale on the website.

Stock Watch

We are low and will be running out of 3 merino based yarns.  We are taking reservations for minimum requests of 5 kilos each of the following:

Platinum Sock

Sheila’s Gold

Sheila’s Sock

They will return to stock just after May 1st.

Also, two of our 100% British Bluefaced Leicester yarns are currently out of stock:


BFL High Twist

They will return to stock around April 22nd.

I want to include an apology for the stock shortages this month.  The order for 2nd quarter was submitted to the mill late because of my health problem at the end of the year. I am back at work, thinking and feeling so very much better, and asking you to help me plan by submitting good estimates that we can use as the basis for our ordering.

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