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Ultra Select laceweight, clarification of yardage values

The correct yardage for Ultra Select is 931 yards per 100 grams.  There is an incorrect series of labels which we pasted all over this yarn over the past couple of years and that label quotes yardage at 875 yards.  This is my error and I apologize for it.

This is the only one of the Select laceweight category that is a 100% superwash merino, and it had to be twisted a little tighter than the other Select yarns so that the fibers would hold together well.  When it was first introduced, I missed this info in the description from the mill, and saw ‘Select’ weight and immediately translated that, in print as it turns out, to 875 yards.  Wrong!

I’ll say it again:
There are 931 yards per 100 gram skein of Ultra Select.

931 yards/100 gram skein

931 yards/100 gram skein

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