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Arrived Feb 4, 2016 Platinum DK … and 3 mini-20 gram sock yarns!

Note:  Arrived and in stock on the website now!  Feb 4, 2016

Platinum Sock has a new member of the family … Platinum DK

Continuing the lasting popularity of our best selling yarn, Platinum Sock, we are about to introduce the same fiber blend in a heavier weight.  Welcome Platinum DK to our lineup.   We expect it to be an immediate success with the same lovely twist as our DK-115.  The differences between the two superwash merino DK yarns is in skein weight (Platinum DK on 100-gram skeins, and DK-115 on 115-gram skeins) and fiber content (Platinum DK at 75% Superwash Merino/25% nylon and DK-115 at 100% superwash merino).

Sticking with the plan of naming yarns of  similar fiber combinations with an extension to designate weight, we try to keep the idea of each ‘line’clear.

Yarn Names and what they mean

(there are a few differences here and there within a name/line to make it a special addition to a line, but this is a general guideline below.  Here are some suggestions of how to find our yarns by doing a search on the names below.)

— In Platinum (75% Merino-SW/25% nylon), there will now be two yarns:  Platinum Sock, Platinum DK

— In Gold (80% Merino-SW/20% nylon):  Sheila’s Gold, BRB Gold (a bulky weight)

— Cash MCN (80% Merino-SW/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon):  Cash Sock MCN, Cash DK MCN, Cash Aran MCN

— MCN HT (also 80% Merino-SW/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon) the difference is in the twist:  MCN HT 100 gram skeins, or MCN HT on 150 gram skeins

— Angel (70% alpaca/20% Silk/10% Cashmere) Angel Lace, Angel Select, Angel Delight Fingering, Angel Delightful

— Wool2Dye4 Merino (100% merino) W2D4 Merino Sport, W2D4 Merino Sport Gold, W2D4 Merino DK-SW, W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW, W2D4 Merino Worsted Improved, W2D4 Merino Bulky-SW.  Of course there are other 100% merino yarns such as Sheila’s Sock and Merino Traditional Aran.

— Sheila’s … This line is all about the twist of the yarn, a 2-Ply twist that is perfectly suited to our springy superwash merino at sock weight.  It was Sheila’s favorite twist and she bugged everyone at the mill until the Eureka! moment.  Now we have Sheila’s Sock, Sheila’s Gold, Sheila’s Sparkle, Sheila’s Glitter … all in my favorite twist!  This is also the twist in MCN HT and BFL HT, the ‘HT’ meaning ‘high twist,’ which also describes Sheila’s favorite twist.

— Select is a descriptor we began to use with the laces with 875 yds/100 grams to differentiate them from the very thin laces, when we carried both weights.  Now, because very few of our customers use the thinner,higher yardage laces, we only stock the ‘Select’ weight.  It is a totally made-up description that means nothing outside our little Wool2Dye4 world.

–Sock.  Now, we know that most of our customers dye yarn for socks, but there actually is no yarn weight known as ‘sock weight’ in the fiber arts world.  We use the term because our customers use it!  The true weight is Fingering.


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