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The Anonymity of the Internet

I see it every once in a while, and do know that it goes on every day. Unprofessional people publish rants, untruths, half-truths twisted to make themselves look good in a bad situation. We are lucky in that very few of these types have attacked us, but when they do, they rush to the chore! You can tell a rant from afar by just looking at the use of capital letters (to yell the message) and exclamation marks to proclaim their wrath.

What to do when this happens? First, maintain your calm and do not reply in the heat of the situation. It is hard, but the last thing you want to get involved in is a disagreement which will always remain on the internet. These people are the modern day bully, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, proclaiming they have been abused or mistreated. In reality, they are the abusers and the louder they proclaim their vulnerability, the clearer it becomes that they are on the attack to hide their own misconduct.

Social media is rife with these people. They are the ones playing at business, not the ones who study how successful businesses continue to operate and thrive, and then build a business based on integrity and honesty. Instead, they employ playground ethics, demand loudly, stamp their feet and sling insults.

If this has happened to you, I urge you to maintain your cool. Walk away from the situation to get a little perspective. You will see the signs of the internet bully. Then, make the business situation right, even if it costs you, and move forward.

The internet is wonderful for our businesses, and has helped the field of hand-dyed knitting soar in the past ten years. It is also an arena for the unscrupulous and undisciplined to bluster and bully.

Do business as you know you should, acting from principles that define your character. Learn about how to make a profit and nurture your relationships with your customers and your suppliers. I have said for years that the purposes of a small family run business should be to enhance the quality of one’s life. Quality of life is first defined from one’s character. Most of my customers are caring and considerate in their dealings publicly, and I applaud them here. i love my business and love meeting so many wonderful people through my business.

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