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Stock Alert: Yak Sock … Single Sock HT.. April & May Incoming … (see changes)

Expected March 22 – 25, 2016 … Single Sock HT … In Stock now!

We just received Single Sock HT and are posting it on the website today.  We had thought it would arrive the week of spring Equinox, a fitting way to begin the new season. Gifts of spring arrived a bit early at Wool2Dye4 this year!     eMail to request a private order.

Expected mid-April 2016 …  mid-to-late MAY 2016

Single & Stunning
W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW

Expected Late May 2016 … That Yak Sock

Because of the unexpected popularity of a fairly rare fiber, Yak, the mill experienced a challenge to fulfill our request for a substantial inventory restocking figure.  It created a need to source a greater amount of the Yak fiber than we had originally expected to request.  This is an expected part of the entire process of creating new yarns and getting them to our customers, and sometimes a wait for a wonderful fiber is part of the process as well.  In this case, That Yak Sock will return to stock late-May of this year, 2016.  Wholesalers may request a Private Order with a minimum of 5 kilos of this yarn.  eMail to request a private order.

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