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Special Instructions … use it wisely

We added a new permanent field in your customer profile recently.  It is called Special Instructions and we are starting to find odd little notes in there.

This is a spot for you to keep some bit of important information about how your order should be handled, not a place for personal reminders that have nothing to do with ordering.   We have customers who need us to write special instructions for the freight delivery companies, exceptions to normal delivery.  Usually special instructions would have to do with where to leave a package which you want us to write on the front of your package, such as:

… Leave package inside front porch

… Leave with doorman on 1st floor

These are special instructions.  Not notes to us, or thanks for our great service — but we do appreciate the thought!  One dear customer often orders cones instead of skeins, and she doesn’t even use cones!  It sort of happens, and has happened several times.  She wrote to ask us if there was some way that she could put a permanent reminder on her orders NOT to send cones, and that was where we got the idea that others also have instructions for us, as well.

If you have special instructions about where your package should be left, write them there.  If you don’t have special instructions, leave that field blank.

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