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Sock Blanks’ Popularity Consumed the First Stocking

Update on arrival dates:  Mid August, then again mid-September

Wool2Dye4’s addition of Sock Blanks to our lineup created quite a buzz of interest, and our first load of Sock Blanks has now been almost completely consumed by eager dyers.  The very first day they were shown on the website, I realized that we were going to have a run on the stock, and so I placed an order for double the first one.  Since then, I have added another 100 kilos on for good measure.

Typically our orders to our merino mill take three months, but the knitting in quantity adds a full month onto delivery for Sock Blanks.  We expect the return of Sock Blanks around the end of August through mid-September.  Watch this NewsFeed and also the Wool2Dye4 newsletter for the announcement of the arrival date.

Wholesalers are invited to contact us to reserve through private order in quantities of a minimum of five kilos of blanks.  Since they are sold in packs of 5 blanks, that would be 10 packs of five to equal the five kilo minimum.

Our thanks to all who tried our Sock Blanks knit in a single layer from Platinum Sock!

Sheila / Wool2Dye4

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