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Sheila’s Gold: merino wool winner returns to stock


This is how much sweater knitting you can get from one skein of Sheila's Gold sock yarn.

This is how much sweater knitting you can get from one skein of Sheila’s Gold sock yarn.

Top-Off Inventory: 9-11-13

Four Yarns Re-Build Summer-to-Fall Inventory

  • Just in…
    Platinum Sock
    MCN High Twist on 150 gr skeins
    Sheila’s Gold
    W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW
  • Arriving within 2 weeks…
    Sheila’s Gold (more!)

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Fourth Quarter Yarns:

Due to arrive mid-October, the yarns for fourth quarter 2013 will very soon be on their way to our warehouse.  If you responded to our Call for Estimates for 4th Quarter 2013, and would like to turn that estimate into an actual reservation / order, please do eMail us with that request.

Remember, an estimate is an estimate until you ask us to turn it into an order. At that time, when you tell us to reserve yarn, we actually remove it from our inventory and hold it aside under your name.  We create a private order for the reserved yarn and send you a copy, and we also post a copy of the invoice on our website.  The posting looks just like any other item in our lineup, but the code will be yours and yours alone.  So, to claim the private order, just click on the listing and then you will be able to add it to your shopping cart.

Private orders are usually sent out within a week of the anticipated delivery of an incoming inventory shipment.  You are expected to pick up your private order within a few days of listing, and we will not hold side the yarn for more than a week.  If you do not pick up your private order, we’ll notify you that it has been cancelled, and that what you thought was your yarn has been returned to inventory.  It’s a trusting relationship between us, this Private Order listing thing.
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Now, it is based on the WordPress blog system, so this is the best way to navigate.  Choose a category from the list on the right. Then just scroll backwards, watching the titles as they come, and pick the topic, incoming date, yarn info, etc., which interests you.  Easy!
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