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September 2013: Incoming Merino Yarns

Four Important Arrivals

In September 2013, we are boosting stock of four yarns with merino bases. All four of these yarns are among our most popular yarns.

W2D4 Merino Worsted Superwash …

… is especially welcome in this shipment.  While the August 2013 incoming inventory shipment brings Worsted-SW, this September shipment will create a very nice cushion and ease the minds of dyers who need this yarn during late 3rd quarter.

MCN High Twist on 150 gram skeins…

…took a while to take off, but we have found this yarn has developed a nice following.  The yarn has definitely earned it’s place in the permanent lineup of Wool2Dye4 yarns.  The 150 gram skein is popular with knitters who look for a little more yardage than the typical sock weight offers.

Sheila’s Gold…

… too, takes a strengthened position in stock this month.  Demand for this yarn has been growing at a pace we could not have predicted.  If it’s your staple yarn, let us know when the Call for Estimates goes out!  We don’t want to run out of Sheila’s Gold!

Platinum Sock…

… is our version of one of the most popular sock yarns in the commercially dyed market.  If you are a dyer looking to compete with the wares of the LYS, this is your staple yarn!

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MCN High Twist

MCN High Twist too

MCN High Twist 150gr

150 gr skeins will not be discontinued.  We had toyed with the idea of offering this yarn on 100 gr skeins only, but so many customers wrote to say that they love the shawl length.  So, we are keeping it.  See?  Your feedback helps us make the right decisions.

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