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There has been a ‘run’ on two of our popular Merino wool yarns

I want to say tell you about how the addition of almost unlimited warehouse space has allowed us to order and hold stock of most of our yarns.  This increased space increases our opportunity to have the yarns you want, and when you want them.  We do, however, experience a run on a particular yarn from time to time.  This happens when a dye group, usually on the internet, does not let us know of their plans to feature one of our yarns in a project that goes viral, and when this happens, we are blindsided.  We do our best to keep up, but sometimes there will be an unexpected short stock situation.  I am sorry for any of these shortages, of course.  We work hard to keep everything in stock, all the time, and this is sometimes impossible.

There are two yarns which will continue to be in short stock until the next major shipment, due mid-May:  W2D4 Merino DK-SW and cones of Cash Sock MCN.  It takes three months turn-around to completely recover from a blindside run.  We have been working in the background to restock both yarns and expect good stock of both in mid-May.

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