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Retail 5-Skein Pack Event: October 25-31, 2014

Save the date and plan to attend our online special event. The last 7 days of October (and again at the end of April) is when we present our yarns in half-kilos.  All yarns which are in good stock will be offered in half-kilo presentations, that’s 5 skeins instead of the usual ten.
Order from the Retail 5-Pack Event category, found on the left side of the web page.  All the 5-Packs are listed there.
BFL yarns in stock will be included in the 5-Skein Pack Event. Please read the notice below about BFL Stocks, and note that any out-of-stock item will not be included in the sale.  This goes for Merino and BFL bases:  if a yarn is low or out of stock, it is not included in the sale.
Time to stock up!  

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