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Quick trick about choosing shipper

Every once in a while, we receive a letter from a customer who tells us that they tried to choose UPS or FedEx, but the site filled in USPS for them, and they were unable to change back to their choice.  I sent a letter from a recent incident of this odd occurrence to our IT man, and received his reply today.  It is simple, and a good thing to remember.

He says that orders need to be reviewed before being submitted, and that this oddity is probably related to clicking on ‘Submit’ too quickly.  That is, the store may not have finished updating the choice of a shipping method.  There is a slight delay as the program updates the shipping and sub-total areas.

So, the default of USPS may be listed because of clicking Submit quickly before the program finished the update of choice, or maybe the store was slow in updating at that moment.

USPS Priority Mail vs. 2-day service

Also, USPS recently changed the listing of their regular, normal, not special Priority category.  Now it reads USPS Priority 2-Day service, and yet most of the packages are not delivered by USPS in two days.  Daily I receive letters of complaint for customers who write that they paid extra for the upgraded service, and did not receive their packages in 2 days, etc., etc.  Actually, there is not an upgraded Priority package delivery.  It’s just a little bit of a change in title, that’s all.  Our IT man had received complaints from his other customers on this point and he created a small program to root out and get rid of the erroneous promise for 2-Day delivery and the extended implication that a customer was paying to upgrade.  So, we had that extension removed from the USPS Priority Mail choice.

If you want two-day service, the best choices to make are FedEx and UPS.

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