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Platinum Sock Blanks … Discontinuing Original Gauge …

We are re-spinning our wildly popular Platinum Sock Blanks to a looser gauge.

The new presentation should arrive in four months, the time it takes to knit up the amount we will need for the launch of the new gauge.

A few months ago, we actually bought in a shipment of the newer, looser gauge and they flew out the door!  We heard what our customers wanted and we decided to exhaust the current stock of our original Platinum Sock Blanks.  If you are completely happy with the original, slighter tighter knit gauge of Platinum Sock Blanks, we want to let you know before the stock runs out.

This gauge of blanks dyes well if you handle them correctly:

  • Give them a good soaking in hot water to prep them for receiving dye.
  • Allow the dye rest before the heating phase, so that it settles and moves.

Our other single blanks are already knit at the looser gauge, and we decided that all three should be at that looser gauge.

We expect the arrival of the newer, looser gauged Platinum Sock Blanks to arrive mid-to-late summer.

Plat Blank

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