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Next Shipment Due December 16-18, 2014

More, More, More!

More, More, More!

Remember that at this point in the process, giving an exact arrival date is impossible.  There are many forces that may affect a delivery date.  We’ve experienced the effects of transportation strikes, birds flying into jet engines, lost or misplaced paperwork, and, of course, holidays.  We had one shipment sit for a full month in a warehouse, location unknown.

Here is a list of the contents of the incoming roder, expected around December 16 to the 18th of 2014.  As we get closer to actual delivery, I will update the date in the title and add a line preceeding this post.  If we have been out of a yarn and you are crazy wild to own it, eMail me ( and I can create a private order for wholesale customers.

All titles are arriving in skeins, unless otherwise posted.

Angel Select
Cash Sock MCN
Diamond Select
Diamond Sock
Donegal DK
Platinum Sock, 50 gr
Platinum Sock, skeins & cones
Platinum Sock Blanks, Double-Knit *** new
Platinum Sock Blanks, Single Knit
Sheila’s Gold
Sheila’s Sock
Sheila’s Sparkle
Silk Sock 50/50
Ultra Merino 3Ply
W2D4 Merino DK-SW
W2D4 Merino Gold Sport
W2D4 Merino Sport-SW

New:  Note that we have Sock Blanks coming in two new formats:  in Platinum Sock as a double knit, that is to say two strands of Platinum Sock knit together.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IN JANUARY, expect the addition of a new Sock Blank.  This time we introduce it in the Silver toned Sheila’s Sparkle yarn as a single knit sock blank.


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