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New Silk / Merino yarn: Joins Woo2Dye4 Permanent Line

Just Arrived (7/18/13)

As this notice is being created, we await delivery from our warehouse of two special yarns, both with silk in the blend.

Diamond Select

This is the superwash version of Butterfly Select, and the same percentage of merino to silk.  In this case, the merino is superwash (80%) with silk (20%).  These are 100 grams skeins, and yardage in the Select Lace category is 875 yards/100 grams.

Silky Single … new!

Again, superwash merino and silk, with a little more silk to the blend:  70% in our springy superwash merino with silk (30%).  Remember that the cost of silk has risen by astronomical figures (as have cashmere and nylon) in the past three-four years, and we are trying to keep this new yarn at an affordable price point.

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