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New Category added to Website: Non-superwash Yarns

Today I received a thought provoking letter from a new customer who wanted to know how to find the non-superwash yarns.  It made me realize that not all knitters want to knit with superwash, and that my category list was not complete.  Yes, we have a list of felting yarns, but just because a yarn is non-superwash does not mean that we should think of it as a felting yarn.

My new customer was right.  We needed to distinguish the non-superwash yarns for those knitters who are looking for exactly that type of yarn.  Many experienced knitters know that a non-superwash yarn creates a warmer garment.  Since the superwash process strips the cells surrounding the fiber’s core, that leaves minute little gaps where air can circulate.  If these cells are left intact, then they will latch onto their tiny little neighbor during the normal wearing process.  As the body moves and heats up, these little fibers will begin a subtle dance with their neighbor, more commonly known as fulling, not dancing!

Thank you, new customer, for the good suggestion.


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