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Mid-November 2013 Shipment: Merino Wool Yarn and Bluefaced Leicester!

Shipment delayed by one day: arrives Nov 21, 2013

Bluefaced Leicester comes home at last!

Everyone has missed our beloved 100% British Bluefaced Leicester yarns, and we are very happy to welcome them back to Wool2Dye4’s lineup in just a week or so.  They were being re-spun at the mill; in fact, most them were on the spinning schedule, so this is why we had a little wait for them.  Here is a list of what to expect to arrive around November 15th to the 18th, just about ten days away.

BFL-4 Socking
BFL Platinum
BFL Silk Sock
BFL Cash Sock
BFL High Twist
BFL/Silk DK (new)
BFL Bamboo Sock
BFL SW Sport (new)*

*This is a new yarn to add to our British Bluefaced Leicester lineup.   In sport weight at 100% superwash BFL!  It is actually one of two new yarns, and both in sport weight, which will arrive in the mid-November 2013 shipment.  Read on to see the announcement in the following Merino Wool Yarn list of arrivals.

Alpaca Silk Sport (new)
Diamond Fingering (100gr skeins)
Euro 500 (150gr skeins)
MCN HT 150gr skeins
Quarter Round
Sheila’s Sparkle

Edited on Nov 19th to say …

Two new sport weights arrive in this week’s shipment.  We have an addition to the British BFL line in the 100% British BFL superwash sport weight.  The other is a luxury sport in Alpaca and silk.  Prices will be posted today or tomorrow on these two new yarns.

Some customers will recall our struggle with sport weight yarns.  It has been difficult to find a sport which our customer base would show interest in starting with our original 100% superwash merino sport.  It just sat on the shelves.  Our best selling weight is sock weight/ fingering yarn, and slowly over the years popularity has grown for DK and Worsted/Aran weights.  The only sport weight yarn which ever created an audience among our customer base is Crazy 8, and I believe it is because of the unique cabling.  Even Crazy 8’s following grew slowly.

Recognizing that this is not the main focus of our customer base, we decided to go a different route for the light weight garment knitters and see if a luxurious blend of silk and alpaca will strike resonance.  What about trying our 100% British BFL in a sport weight?  My U.K. supplier created this one for his market and we are following his instincts.

Very soon we will start to sample these two yarns and invite your reactions, comments, etc.

* * * Please note:  Private orders are now closed for the incoming shipment.


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