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Late July 2015 Inventory Update: Just arrived!

New inventory figures have just been updated on our website for the yarn which arrived today.  This is just at the beginning of our fall busy season, when many summer dyers are getting ahead of the busy fall dye schedule.

Only one yarn ... Ultra Select … was previously out of stock.  Three yarns were low on stock, but are now showing good stock levels to last until   September.  They are Crazy Eight, Diamond Select, and Soft Single.

Angel Delightful
Angel Select Sparkle
BRB Gold
Cash DK
Cash Sock Cones
Chainette DK
Crazy Eight
Diamond Fingering 150
Diamond Select
Diamond Sock
Donegal DK
Donegal Sock
Egyptian Fingering
MCN High Twist
Platinum 50
Platinum Sock
Quarter Round
Sheila’s Glitter
Sheila’s Gold Cones & Skeins
Sheila’s Sock
Sheila’s Sparkle
Silk Sock 50/50
Single & Fabulous
Single & Stunning
Soft Single
Sparkle Select
Ultra Select
W2D4 Merino DK-SW
W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW




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