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Knots? Watch this video!

Knots are usually not true knots, but joins of the sources of fibers which are used to spin and ply yarns.  Here is a terrific video from the YouTube channel called ‘The Crochet Crowd’ which every fiber artist should consider.

Knots are a part of the process.  During the spinning process, new cones or bumps of raw fiber must be joined to what’s already being spun from time to time.  Most of the time, the join is not even noticed, but sometimes there is a visible join.  You can either trim the bumpy bits from the join, or cut it out and do a hand little join that is demonstrated in this terrific little video.

I cannot tell you how many newbie dyers write to me to tell me about one knot in an entire kilo of yarn.  99% percent of the time, they are talking about a join.   There is actually an industry standard which allows something like 8 or ten joins per per 100 gram skein, and you will never see near that amount in our yarns.

One of the things I love about this video is that it uses a commercial knitting yarn as an example.  Our yarn is manufactured to at least the standards of commercial knitting yarns, and actually higher standards in many cases.  Take a look, and let your understanding of the fiber process expand to include the joining of new source materials to an existing spin.  And, please take note of the environmental impact information of the effects of cutting out all joins!  It is an astounding figure.




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