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Just Arrived … That Yak Sock & Sheila’s Glitter …. Introducing APU Hand-Spun Super Bulky

That Yak Sock arrived again today at our warehouse.  I know that those who purchased it on the original introduction must have loved it, because it suddenly flew out the doors!  This time, we have twice as much as before and will be restocking it again very soon in an effort to keep it in stock.  Very hard to figure how a new yarn will be accepted, but this one seems to have struck the creative side of many dyers’ mind.

Also back in stock and posted on the website now is Sheila’s Glitter.  This is the gold-toned Stellina sparkly yarn in our  2-Ply springy super wash merino.

Today we introduce APU: Hand-Spun Super Bulky yarns in natural colors.  You may knit them as they are in their glorious natural marled-look of a beautiful yarn, or dye them gently to still allow the variation in fiber colors to show through.  Wool2Dye4 is the exclusive US distributor of this new line, which supports women in Peru who are spinning these yarns by hand.  These women are the wives and mothers of shepherds who are for the alpaca herds in the high Andes of Peru, and their handwork will bring in support for their families.  Your purchase helps these women succeed and prosper from their art.  Stock is limited.

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