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Just Arrived (Feb 4 ’16): Mini 20’s yarns (3 in sock wt) plus new Platinum DK-SW

Just arrived and now showing on our website, this list includes three new Mini 20 gram skein yarns (sold in half-kilos), plus Platinum in DK-SW, a lovely garment knitting yarn!  Takes color just like our most popular sock yarn, Platinum Sock.

Alpaca Gold
MCN High Twist, 100 gr
*Platinum DK-SW
*Platinum Mini 20’s
Platinum Sock, skeins & cones
*Quarter Round Mini 20’s
Sheila’s Gold, skeins & cones
Sheila’s Sock, skeins & cones
Sheila’s Sparkle
*Sheila’s Sparkle Mini 20’s
Silk DK 50/50
Silk Sock 50/50
Silky Single HT
Single Sock HT
Sparkle DK-SW
*Ultra SW Lace
W2D4 Merino Bulky-SW
W2D4 Merino-SW Sport Gold, Cones

*=New Yarns!

All are posted on the website and ready for readers of the blog to shop ahead of the crowd.

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