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June 2013 Newsletter

Just arrived …

Single Sock HT

Silk Sock 50/50

Promo Yarns will become Permanent


Silk Merino Sock

Two yarns we have recently offered on a temporary basis will soon be added to our permanent line. Both DK-115 and Silk Merino Sock have been so well received that they deserve to stay with us.

DK-115 earns it’s place missing in our DK weight class because the fiber and yardage offer a choice in the 100% superwash DK category. It is a slightly finer fiber than W2D4 Merino DK-SW, which has a wonderful hand and is one of our most popular yarns. Also, the additional skein weight gives just a little more yardage per skein, something that garment knitters will appreciate.

Silk Merino Sock is the non-superwash version of our Silk Sock 50/50, and the drape is different from any other yarn in our line. I am just finishing a two-skein shawl in this yarn, and already have another project lined up with this yarn. Quickly, it has become one of my favorites.

Our thanks to all who sent feedback on these two special yarns. Expect full stock by summer, in time for resale customers to prepare for fall fiber festivals and events.

Secret Stash

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Next shipment:

W2D4 Merino DK-SW, mid June
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Wholesale Customers only
Minimum: 5 kilos

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