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Call for Estimates for 4th Quarter 2013

Call for Estimates:

Quarter 4, 2013 – Due: July 15, 2013 This is the official Call for Estimates for 4th Quarter ‘13.

In today’s Shipment …

  • Platinum Sock, skeins & cones

  • Butterfly Select

  • Sheila’s Gold

  • Soft Single Sock

  • Shetland Spinning fiber, limited

wool in boxesWe invite all customers who intend to place orders of a minimum of at least ten kilos per yarn to send us notice of their best estimates. These estimates help us plan for our buying and we want to get our order in by mid-July to be sure that it will ship in time for the full fourth quarter.

We remind you that your estimate results from your best planning, and is not a commitment nor a reservation of the yarn. It is a planning tool. Once we create a private order or you order from the website, your yarn is then deducted from inventory.

eMail your 4th Quarter Estimate to in kilo format.


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