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The Future of Sock Blanks at Wool2Dye4

In a word?  Bright.  

Ready for a packer to grab at a moment's notice!

Ready for a packer to grab at a moment’s notice!

Platinum Sock Blanks:

Our Platinum Sock Blank, single yarn thickness, is now on a constant rotating schedule of spinning at the merino mill.  When we introduced our Platinum Sock Blank, we were not prepared for the positive response and found ourselves looking at a big empty space where that stock had been oh, so briefly.  I knew with 24 hours that we needed an emergency re-stock, and the word ’emergency’ is a relative term when considering a busy mill’s schedule, raw materials availability, and going through the order process.  For blanks, this is a four-month process.  For yarn, it is a three-month process.

We are now on what we anticipate to be a good rotating spin schedule of the blanks, and we expect  consistent stock to be available.  That is our goal.  When we saw how quickly Platinum Sock Blanks were flying out the door, our customers were watching the inventory levels change, too.  They started to write to us, and as usual for yarnies, had a few suggestions in mind to offer freely.  There were two which stood out, and we put them into action.  Here they are:

Addition to our Blanks line, due Autumn 2014:

1.  Double yarn thickness of Platinum Sock Blanks.  Dyeing a double thickness means that you can dye two socks at the same time and the will be exact copies of each other.  Now, this requires a very important detail that will require attention, and that is that the double knit blank will need to be completely and thoroughly soaked before dyeing.  The dye will not penetrate both layers if there is not enough dampness to carry to color.  So, a long warm bath is advised for the double blank.

2.  Sparkle Blanks:  Yes!  Exciting news, and on the schedule as I write.  Sheila’s Sparkle will be knit into single thickness Sock Blanks.  This was the most popular request we received about the blanks, and we decided to listen and take the suggestion seriously.  For those who have not yet tried Sheila’s Sparkle sock weight yarn, this is our version of silver-toned sparkly sock weight yarn.  The sparkle comes from an Italian engineered nylon fiber called Stellina.  It does require a little extra attention when adding color to the dyepot.  If there is too much color to be absorbed, that is, too much color added to the amount of fiber vs water volume, then the Stellina will attract the extra color, and you will lose the sparkly effect.  If this is your first attempt at dyeing Sheila’s Sparkle, we advise you to start out with a light hand in adding color.  Watch and observe your dyepot for best results, and soon you will get the hang of it.

Good news, right?

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