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Emergency Shipment of 6 popular yarns: +/- April 14-16 arrival, prox

We have requested that our back-up inventory of six popular yarns be sent to us immediately.  The general arrival date is set at April 14-16, 2015 at this time.  As usual, as we approach the estimated date, we will be able to pinpoint the date much easier.  We’ll send out a newsletter, post here on the NewsFeed, and also on our group (‘Friends of Wool2Dye4’) on

Wholesalers may reserve any of these yarns but must observe the minimum of 5 packs for each one.  No private orders will be accepted for less than five packs per yarn ordered.  That is, you may order 5 packs of DK-115 only, or add 5 packs of BRB, etc.  Each amount must be a minimum of 5 kilo packs.  Also, you will reserve with  Toni is our new coordinator and will be handling special orders moving forward.

Here is the list:

Cash Sock MCN
Platinum Sock
Sheila’s Gold
W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW

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