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Retail 5 pack event!

Our retail 5 pack event starts on Monday the 24th until Sunday the 30th of April.

This event happens twice yearly. Its a great opportunity to test out bases in smaller quantities, you can order 5 skeins of any type at the standard retail price, allowing you to test something out first before you commit.


Incoming shipment/new arrivals

Happy new year!

We are pleased to confirm that a new shipment has arrived today in the warehouse and has just been added to stock:

BFL High twist

BFL Platinum

BFL Cash sock

W2D4 Bulky superwash hanks

Ultra Lace

Euro 500 hanks

We also have a few new types and will do a news letter to update you about these tomorrow

Andy, Jeni and Chrissy.

Retail 5 pack event, starts Monday 31st Oct

If you are not familiar with our retail 5 pack event, its a great opportunity to test out bases in smaller quantities, you can order 5 skeins of any type at the standard retail price, allowing you to test something out first before you commit.

Our event starts on Monday the 31st of Oct!


3 brand new yarn bases have arrived!

We have 3 new yarn bases on the website!

Non-superwash 4ply   a lovely plump fingering weight yarn, 100% non-superwash merino. 436 yds per 100g.


The second base is pure silk 4ply, this is smooth 100% grade A mulberry silk, fingering weight yarn with 436 yds per 100g:


Finally Yak DK! This yarn is a stunning blend of 65% Superwash merino, 20% Silk, 15% Yak with 231 yds per 100g skein.


Changes coming for Wool2Dye4 …

Hello from Sheila,

Wool2Dye4 is about to celebrate an important event at the end of September . We are changing leadership and joining efforts with Chester Wool Company, a British yarn producer which has grown to the position of the leader in our field.  In my personal eMails to customers, and sometimes in the newsletters, I often refer to ‘our UK supplier’ and ‘Mr Wool,’ aka Andy Robinson. Andy is President of Chester Wool and we have worked together over the years to grow both of our businesses to become the most prominent un-dyed yarn distributors in the US and Europe. Wool2Dye4 started with a modest handful of seven yarns, and today we carry a stunning variety of more than 70 yarns. I am amazed every time I think of our growth, and Andy is responsible in great part for this growth. He recognized our potential right away and shared his willingness to take us on his journey to become a world class manufacturer of highest standards.

As of September 30, 2016, I am retiring from Wool2Dye4 and handing the company over to Andy’s capable hands. You will love what’s coming for Wool2Dye4, and I know you will enjoy Andy’s energy and his enthusiasm for business. One of the reasons that I have had such a good time growing Wool2Dye4 to the position it enjoys today is due to Andy’s energy and commitment. Early on, we discovered that we both worked the same way, we thought the same way, and we each recognized that the other understood customer service. Very important.

Andy is here in Virginia with me for the last two weeks of September, and we will work side by side to assure a smooth transition. Wool2Dye4 will continue as a US company, and Chrissy will continue as Wool2Dye4’s manager.  Jo and Sean will continue to pack your orders and get them out at our usual quick turn-around time. The work of Wool2Dye4 will continue to run in an organized fashion, but look out for lovely new yarns and maybe some new ideas in the new Wool2Dye4.

Andy already has an eMail … … so he is ready to start talking about your future, your needs, and his ability to make them happen.

I hope you know how much I do love Wool2Dye4, and that I have loved every day of developing this business. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and it has been a thrill for me to meet customers who are ready to grow, and refine their lines, and who care about their professional success. I hope that, through my work as your yarn supplier, I was able to share something of my love of the home-based business model.  Remember to keep the passion alive for your business. In all things be true to your goals, and stop every once in a while to review your plans and goals. Above all else, keep reminding yourself that your small business should improve the quality of your life.

For me, my business has definitely improved my life. My customers are the best in the business, and I will miss the daily interactions, the personal notes, the surprise of a thoughtful word. I thank each and every one of you for your business, for your friendship, and I wish you continued success as you continue to grow.

All the best,
Sheila Trunzo / Wool2Dye4

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates may be purchased just like any other product.  Now the Gift Certificate may be purchased at checkout.

Here is some info from our cart’s manual about how to configure the Gift Certificate for your recipient:
A customer who purchases a gift certificate configures it using the ‘Gift certificates‘ section of the Customer interface: specifies the name of the person who is sending the certificate and the name of the certificate recipient, creates a message for the recipient, chooses an amount of money for which the certificate must be issued, specifies, whether the certificate should be delivered by email or by regular (postal) mail, and provides the recipient’s address (according to the selected delivery option).

As soon as the task of configuring the gift certificate is finished, the customer adds the certificate to the shopping cart and orders it as if it were a regular product.

After the order with the gift certificate gets processed, the certificate is activated and sent to the recipient specified by the certificate purchaser.

The recipient then uses the code specified in the gift certificate to redeem the gift certificate – that is to say, to pay for any order in our store by the gift certificate (fully – if the amount on the gift certificate equals or exceeds the total amount of the order, or partially – if the amount on the gift certificate is smaller than the total amount of the order).

Note: The only limitation is that orders containing nothing but gift certificates cannot be paid for by a gift certificate.

To redeem a gift certificate, a person simply needs to select ‘Gift Certificate‘ as a method of payment on checkout:

Platinum Sock Blanks … Discontinuing Original Gauge …

We are re-spinning our wildly popular Platinum Sock Blanks to a looser gauge.

The new presentation should arrive in four months, the time it takes to knit up the amount we will need for the launch of the new gauge.

A few months ago, we actually bought in a shipment of the newer, looser gauge and they flew out the door!  We heard what our customers wanted and we decided to exhaust the current stock of our original Platinum Sock Blanks.  If you are completely happy with the original, slighter tighter knit gauge of Platinum Sock Blanks, we want to let you know before the stock runs out.

This gauge of blanks dyes well if you handle them correctly:

  • Give them a good soaking in hot water to prep them for receiving dye.
  • Allow the dye rest before the heating phase, so that it settles and moves.

Our other single blanks are already knit at the looser gauge, and we decided that all three should be at that looser gauge.

We expect the arrival of the newer, looser gauged Platinum Sock Blanks to arrive mid-to-late summer.

Plat Blank

Discontinue Notice: 3 BFL yarns and 1 Italian Silk

The following 3 British Bluefaced Leicester and 1 Italian Silk yarns are now discontinued and will no longer be available for purchase:

BFL/Silk 656
BFL Bamboo TwoStep
BFL Silky Lace

XOX Silky Cashmere, sock & Lace

Special Instructions … use it wisely

We added a new permanent field in your customer profile recently.  It is called Special Instructions and we are starting to find odd little notes in there.

This is a spot for you to keep some bit of important information about how your order should be handled, not a place for personal reminders that have nothing to do with ordering.   We have customers who need us to write special instructions for the freight delivery companies, exceptions to normal delivery.  Usually special instructions would have to do with where to leave a package which you want us to write on the front of your package, such as:

… Leave package inside front porch

… Leave with doorman on 1st floor

These are special instructions.  Not notes to us, or thanks for our great service — but we do appreciate the thought!  One dear customer often orders cones instead of skeins, and she doesn’t even use cones!  It sort of happens, and has happened several times.  She wrote to ask us if there was some way that she could put a permanent reminder on her orders NOT to send cones, and that was where we got the idea that others also have instructions for us, as well.

If you have special instructions about where your package should be left, write them there.  If you don’t have special instructions, leave that field blank.