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Call for Estimates: Quarter 1 of 2016

Call for Estimates: Qu 1 of 2016
Deadline:  September 30, 2015
What is a Call for Estimates?
This is a planning tool that Wool2Dye4 uses in creating our mill orders for the upcoming quarter.  We invite our larger customers to submit estimates of their needs over 10 kilos.  No estimate should be submitted for less than 10 kilos for any yarn.
Is an Estimate the same thing as an Order?
No.  An estimate is your best guess of your needs, and will help us order in enough inventory to cover your order, as well as other wholesale customers, and cover unexpected website orders, too.
How do you Reply to a Call for Estimates?
-Create a new eMail (do not Reply to this one)
-Address it to
-List subject line as ‘Call for Estimates Qu 1 of 2016″
-Do not send a copy of this newsletter. Keep it simple.
-List W2D4 yarn title and number of kilos (not less than 10 kilos per yarn)
-Reply by September 30, 2015

We try to have enough yarn for everyone and your assistance as we plan for next quarter is vital.

Thank you for your participation

Sheila / Wool2Dye4

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