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Call for Estimates: Qu 3 or 2016

Deadline = May 13, 2016

Will You Help Us Plan Our Inventory Levels?
It is time for the Call for Estimates: Qu 3 of 2016. Four times a year, we send out this newsletter to Wholesale Customers and ask you to predict your needs for the upcoming quarter. Since we only place four inventory order per year, it is vital that we know what special projects / clubs / Knit-A-Longs / new wholesale accounts of your own you will promote. July is one of the busiest times of the year for many of our customers, when they dye stock, price, labelled and pack for fall fiber festivals and online promotions.

Deadline to respond to the Call for Estimates Qu 3 of 2016: May 13, 2016.

How do I respond to the Call for Estimates?
Create a new email with the subject: Call for Estimates Qu 3 of 2016
-Email the list of our yarn titles to before May 13, 2016.
-Use our yarn names and express your needs in multiples of 5 kilos.
-Express your needs in kilos, not skeins.
-List only yarns for which you have a minimum of five kilos.
-Do not include comments or questions on this list.
-Do sign the eMail with your first and last name.

Thank you to all our customers who will participate. Your response helps us know how much yarn we need to cover all possibilities. The next shipment is due around May 20 ’16. Please watch the blog for announcements of the arrival date.

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