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Call for Estimates: 3rd Quarter 2015

Countdown for  Call for Estimates
Ten days to prepare your estimate for 3rd Quarter of 2015.
Deadline to reply: June 8, 2015

 Who may Participate?
– Wholesale and special status customers with a need for minimum of 10 kilos per yarn

How to Reply to the Call for Estimates?
– Create a new eMail
– Address it to
– Subject line:  ‘Call for Estimates 2nd Qu 2015″
– List format only
– No personal comments
– List estimate in KILOS, not skeins (unless the packaging differs from our normal 10 skeins @ 100 gram)
– List the name of the yarn as it appears on the website
– Each yarn on your list must show a minimum of 10 (ten) kilos.  No exceptions.
– Reply by deadline date: June 8, 2015

 How to prepare an Estimate?
 – Please study last year’s sales, recent promotions, planned promotions for fall /early winter of 2015.
– Think about upcoming vendor booths, fiber faires, online promotions, wholesale sales.  Look at recent growth of your largest customers as you prepare your reply to the Call for Estimates, and talk with them about their own expansion and sales plans.

Note:  Including your estimate in our mill order will insure that we have enough yarn to go around.  If you are eligible, please submit an estimate.

Many thanks for your participation/ Sheila / Wool2Dye4

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