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Call for Estimates: Quarter 1 of 2015

Deadline:  November 7, 2014

Please prepare your estimates for the first Quarter of 2015.  In order to calculate quantities to spin, we have been working with our  larger wholesale customers in the inventory control process.  We place four major orders from the mill each year, and it is important for Wool2Dye4 to rely on our customers estimates of their needs.  We understand that forecasting is a difficult business, but it does get easier the more it is done.  We suggest that you involve your largest customers in the process and ask them to plan ahead so that you can give them the best customer service possible.

Our turnaround time, from the day of placing our order with the mill, is 3 months, minimum, from day of order to delivery.  We ask you to consider your needs and become a part of our plan for Quarter 1 of 2015.

This quarter we are a running a little ahead in our inventory stock levels on most yarns.  During the previous orders of 2014, we have been building up backup inventory.  Except for a few yarns, we should be able to serve most forecasted needs through January of 2015.  This Call for Estimates will cover February, March and some of April 2015.  The shipments will begin to arrive after February 1, 2015.

Who May Participate:

  • You are invited to participate only if you can forccast a minimum of ten (10 ) kilos of each yarn on your list.
  • Do not send any other estimates of less than 10 kilos.

Please study last year’s sales, recent promotions, planned promotions for 1st quarter of 2015 and even think about possible events during the early part of spring 2015.  Also, look at recent growth of your largest customers as you prepare your reply to the Call for Estimates, and talk with them about their own expansion and sales plans.  Many of our largest customers have adopted our program and contacted their largest customers to request their estimates.  This is the way to create estimates with more and more accuracy.

How to Reply to The Call:

  • –Send your estimate in list format to by November 7, 2014.
  • –Create a new eMail to send your list.  Do not send it by ‘Reply’ and send me a copy of my newsletter announcement.
  • Express the need in terms of kilo packages, not skeins.
  • List the name of the yarn as it appears on the Wool2Dye4 website, not the name you use in your marketing.
  • Do not include any other discussion or personal remarks in your reply, just the list, please.
  • –Reply by deadline date:  November 7, 2014.

Many thanks for your participation.


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