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BFL Shipment has Arrived!

Lovely British BFL!

The wait took almost a full year of planning, and we now can announce that the shipment has just arrived.  As I type, the freight truck is backing up to the dock and we are at the ready.  It will take a day to settle it in, and we will begin to fulfill the orders Monday morning.  There is no price increase at this time.

I want to take a moment to remind ourselves that these lovely British BFL yarns are special indeed.  They have been declared by the British government to be the fibers of rare animals.  That is very important to remember, as they cannot just be picked up off any shelf and stocked in huge numbers.  In fact, my supplier has spent the past year sending his team to the government controlled auctions with instructions to buy up all the British BFL available in the fine and extra fine gauges.  We leave the rougher fibers for others to buy, and that’s what you will see coming from some of your competitors.

No cones are being added to inventory.  From now and moving forward we will only present the British BFL yarns in skeins.  There are some cones left of the non-superwash Aran but once this supply is exhausted, we will not spin British BFL on cones again.

BFL Silky Lace, BFL DK (non-SW),  and BFL 656 are  now discontinued.

Inventory figures will be updated today on our website within the hour of this post.  Here is the list of what is arriving:

BFL Sport-SW
BFL-4 Socking, 100 gr
BFL-4 Socking, 150 gr
BFL Bamboo Sock
BFL Donegal Sock
BFL High Twist
BFL Platinum
BFL Super Silky Lace
BFL Silk Sock
BFL Cash Sock

Thank you for your patience and your interest in our process of restocking our lovely British Bluefaced Leicester yarns
Best wishes,

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