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Inventory Update 6th Feb 2018


The following yarns are in a container and we expect this to arrive with us around the 19th / 20th.

BRB Gold

Cash aran

DK 115

Donegal DK

W2D4 Bulky Superwash

W2D4 Merino gold sport Superwash

All the above are skeins.


Tips for dyeing stellina yarns.


One of the most common questions we receive is about how to treat stellina when dyeing. Stellina is used in our sparkle bases, and we sometimes get questions with respect to the dulling of the sparkle which some dyers occasionally experience when they dye it, in addition sometimes the sparkle takes on the colour of the dye. We have worked with this fibre for years, and these are tips for dyeing sparkle yarns succesfully.

How To Keep The Sparkle In Your Yarn Sparkly!

Contrary to popular belief, stellina is not actually metal, its a type of metallic toned nylon. Sometimes with excess acid when dyeing, the acid basically degrades the surface of the nylon and takes away the metallic tone, this can make the sparkle seem to have disappeared, it hasn’t, it’s still there, but just blends in with the other fibres, but it’s no longer sparkly.

Basically there are three rules of thumb that affects the sparkle:

  1. The longer the sparkle is in contact with acid, the more likely the stellina is to dull.
  2. The higher acid concentration you are using the more likely the stellina is to dull.
  3. Anecdotally citric acid causes more dulling than vinegar.

High acid (especially citric acid) + a long time in contact with the acid the more likely you are to get dull sparkle!

  • Acid levels: Reduce the amount of acid you are using when dyeing these particular yarns. Lots of dyers have found that vinegar is less abrasive than citric acid. My own experience of dyeing this yarn holds with this theory in that I have dyed an enormous amount of stellina (always using vinegar), and never had a problem with the sparkle dulling. However after much research and testing, I’m convinced its more down to the acid concentration levels rather than which acid is used, so don’t worry if you have a preference for citric acid.
    How much acid you use is a personal preference, I am not a specific dyer, and don’t use exact amounts, it’s more of a table spoon here and a glug of vinegar there, but to give you an idea about how much I would use with a sparkle yarn its as follows:

For one Jam jar/ 1.5cups of dye with one teaspoon of dye:

Vinegar: approximately 1 Tablespoon of vinegar.

Citric acid: approximately 2 teaspoons.

If I was adding the acid into a kettle I would probably use about 1/4 cup of vinegar and 2 table spoons of citric acid.

If you use significantly more acid than this, and are worried about reducing the acid levels that much, I would suggest starting at the amount I have suggested and working upwards, keep increasing until you get a satisfactory dye uptake vs your sparkly staying sparkly (you don’t need to use a whole skein each time, take a few feet and test it).

High heat is going to be your friend if you are decreasing your acid level, and I say this because sometimes when I’m helping people with this issue, especially with low immersion dyeing, it inevitably comes out that peoples dyeing temperatures are really not very high, (below 80C / 176F and this means it can take hours for the dyes to set, this will be exacerbated if less acid is being used than normal as well so finding a way to increase your temperatures to make the process more efficient is something to consider, using lids on your pans to maintain internal pan temps or even a final steaming of the yarns can help once the initial dye is in the yarn etc.

  • Reducing the time the yarn is in contact with the acid: Instead of adding acid to your yarn pre -soak, add your acid directly to your dye solution, or dye bath. If you pre-soak your yarn before you dye with it, just soak your sparkle yarn in plain water (no need to add any scouring agents). Consider increasing your heating temps to make the exhaustion time quicker, (one reason I like to steam set yarns is because it sets quicker than the microwave or oven, for me anyway.)
    Sparkle taking on colour of the dye: Sometimes the sparkle takes on the colours of the dyes being used, especially with saturated and dark colours. Because the stellina is nylon, it can sometimes absorb some dye, although not quite at the same rate as wool. I personally quite like this effect, but to stop this from happening, add the yarn into a cold dye bath and then bring it up to temperature this will stop the stellina taking up the dye colour.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any other tips or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments section.


Incoming stock Tues 14th Nov

We have just taken delivery this afternoon of W2D4 DK superwash skeins and Platinum DK superwash skeins, we are still awaiting the booking for another container, we are hoping this will be Monday next week, in this container is Crazy eight skeins, and BFL Cash sock skeins.
Thanks as ever for your patience,

Sheilas gold – news

Really sorry, Sheilas gold has just gone out of stock, it will be back with a vengeance (super large stock) on the 7th of Aug 🙂
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Retail 5 pack event!

Our retail 5 pack event starts on Monday the 24th until Sunday the 30th of April.

This event happens twice yearly. Its a great opportunity to test out bases in smaller quantities, you can order 5 skeins of any type at the standard retail price, allowing you to test something out first before you commit.


Incoming shipment/new arrivals

Happy new year!

We are pleased to confirm that a new shipment has arrived today in the warehouse and has just been added to stock:

BFL High twist

BFL Platinum

BFL Cash sock

W2D4 Bulky superwash hanks

Ultra Lace

Euro 500 hanks

We also have a few new types and will do a news letter to update you about these tomorrow

Andy, Jeni and Chrissy.

Retail 5 pack event, starts Monday 31st Oct

If you are not familiar with our retail 5 pack event, its a great opportunity to test out bases in smaller quantities, you can order 5 skeins of any type at the standard retail price, allowing you to test something out first before you commit.

Our event starts on Monday the 31st of Oct!


3 brand new yarn bases have arrived!

We have 3 new yarn bases on the website!

Non-superwash 4ply   a lovely plump fingering weight yarn, 100% non-superwash merino. 436 yds per 100g.


The second base is pure silk 4ply, this is smooth 100% grade A mulberry silk, fingering weight yarn with 436 yds per 100g:


Finally Yak DK! This yarn is a stunning blend of 65% Superwash merino, 20% Silk, 15% Yak with 231 yds per 100g skein.


New shipment has arrived! Oct 13th 2016

We are pleased to say that the advance shipment has arrived and returning to stock is:

  • Diamond Fingering 150
  • Sheilas Sparkle
  • Soft Singles

We are also expecting a container to arrive next week, which will will put into stock and update you about as soon as it arrives.

Chrissy, Jeni & Andy.

Changes coming for Wool2Dye4 …

Hello from Sheila,

Wool2Dye4 is about to celebrate an important event at the end of September . We are changing leadership and joining efforts with Chester Wool Company, a British yarn producer which has grown to the position of the leader in our field.  In my personal eMails to customers, and sometimes in the newsletters, I often refer to ‘our UK supplier’ and ‘Mr Wool,’ aka Andy Robinson. Andy is President of Chester Wool and we have worked together over the years to grow both of our businesses to become the most prominent un-dyed yarn distributors in the US and Europe. Wool2Dye4 started with a modest handful of seven yarns, and today we carry a stunning variety of more than 70 yarns. I am amazed every time I think of our growth, and Andy is responsible in great part for this growth. He recognized our potential right away and shared his willingness to take us on his journey to become a world class manufacturer of highest standards.

As of September 30, 2016, I am retiring from Wool2Dye4 and handing the company over to Andy’s capable hands. You will love what’s coming for Wool2Dye4, and I know you will enjoy Andy’s energy and his enthusiasm for business. One of the reasons that I have had such a good time growing Wool2Dye4 to the position it enjoys today is due to Andy’s energy and commitment. Early on, we discovered that we both worked the same way, we thought the same way, and we each recognized that the other understood customer service. Very important.

Andy is here in Virginia with me for the last two weeks of September, and we will work side by side to assure a smooth transition. Wool2Dye4 will continue as a US company, and Chrissy will continue as Wool2Dye4’s manager.  Jo and Sean will continue to pack your orders and get them out at our usual quick turn-around time. The work of Wool2Dye4 will continue to run in an organized fashion, but look out for lovely new yarns and maybe some new ideas in the new Wool2Dye4.

Andy already has an eMail … … so he is ready to start talking about your future, your needs, and his ability to make them happen.

I hope you know how much I do love Wool2Dye4, and that I have loved every day of developing this business. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and it has been a thrill for me to meet customers who are ready to grow, and refine their lines, and who care about their professional success. I hope that, through my work as your yarn supplier, I was able to share something of my love of the home-based business model.  Remember to keep the passion alive for your business. In all things be true to your goals, and stop every once in a while to review your plans and goals. Above all else, keep reminding yourself that your small business should improve the quality of your life.

For me, my business has definitely improved my life. My customers are the best in the business, and I will miss the daily interactions, the personal notes, the surprise of a thoughtful word. I thank each and every one of you for your business, for your friendship, and I wish you continued success as you continue to grow.

All the best,
Sheila Trunzo / Wool2Dye4