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August 2013: Incoming Merino Stock: expected delivery to W2D4 warehouse is Aug 26 ’13

Around  the end of August 2013 we have a major re-stocking of our merino based yarns arriving at Wool2Dye4.  Yarns which are in high demand and have been either low in stock or out of stock over the summer return.  If you have been waiting for the arrival of any yarns, it might be time for you to start participating in our Calls for Estimates for the upcoming quarters’ needs.


Crazy Eight

Cones and skeins of Crazy Eight are arriving.  This is our big sport yarn in 100% superwash merino.  Eight plies in a textured twist, a very interesting yarn visually and smooth as butter through your fingers as you know.

Sheila’s Gold, delayed to mid-Sept delivery

One of the most popular sock weights in the superwash merino/nylon blend is Sheila’s Gold.  We have people who only buy this one yarn, they love it so well for how it takes color as well as how nicely it knits.  This yarn is called a ‘sock yarn’ but it is so much more.

Ultra Merino 3Ply

Cones and skeins of one of our oldest and best yarns, Ultra Merino 3Ply is what some knitters call a workhorse yarn!  It is a yarn which will bloom when dyed. When knit, the fabric has the drape that is not common with a 100% superwash yarn.

W2D4 Merino Worsted-Superwash

In August we welcomed Worsted-Superwash back to stock.  Now, with this big fat arrival in the September shipment, we’ve got plenty.  This is the sweater weight yarn that rivals anything — repeat:  anything! — in the LYS.  You could dye a full line of this yarn in an array of seasonal colors, and become a hit.


Watch for the newsletter announcement for exact date of arrival.

August 2013 Merino Based Yarn Arrivals

Coned Merino Yarns in August 2013 shipment

ConesCrazy 8, Merino Traditional Aran, Platinum, Sheila’s Sock, Silk DK 50/50, W2D4 Merino DK-SW, and W2D4 Merino Worsted-SW



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