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Closing Notice

Deep snow has us closed for 2 days

We’ve had to close a couple days, here at the end of the week, just after receiving a major shipment for inventory re-stocking and many private orders for our wholesale customers.  So very sorry for this, but even UPS closed yesterday, and today FedEx called to say they are keeping their Ground drivers in today. ( I have an image of a huge playpen with drivers in their blue and orange jackets playing cards.)

This means that we will process the big shipment on Monday, and begin to ship on Tuesday.  It is an inconvenience, but one we could not have controlled.  Orders will be a little late, and I know our customers are used to us shipping within 24 hours.  We do apologize for any inconvenience, and ask for your patience.  Please don’t write to ask when to expect your order.  That will delay everyone’s order just a tad bit more, and, multiplied by the substantial number of orders awaiting shipment, will affect the delivery of your own order as well.  Trust us!  Just add five days to the usual receipt period.  We will work as hard as we possibly can to get your order out.

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