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Sometimes we bring in some spinning fiber

Shetland Roving/Spinning Fiber

Every once in a while we bring in a spinning fiber just to offer a little something different.  Raw fiber is not something we stock on a regular basis; however we are aware that many of our customers are on the lookout for interesting fibers. This week we have 20 pounds of Shetland roving for our spinning customers.  This Shetland fiber is 100% British fiber.  It is found in the category Odds’n’Ends / Spinning Fiber.

100% British Shetland Spinnign Fiber

100% British Shetland Spinning Fiber


Added note on 20 August 2013: 

This bump is just about sold out in 24 hours, so we have ordered in two more 100% British Shetland roving bumps.  They will arrive around 27 August 2013, and we will post them then.

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